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Licence No. 6010009951
Hotel Licence
Licensee: Graham Phillip Stanley and Kerry Anne Toop

24 Williams Street
Ph. 0458 111 835

Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence:

  • To sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed premises; or
  • For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase, or attempt to purchase liquor on licensed or regulated premises.

At The Brookton

The Brookton is 1.5 hours from Perth. She was previously known as The Brookton Club Hotel. She has stood unloved for 15 months until Graham and I took the plunge and decided to buy her. We are excited and terrified at the same time. It is a huge commitment and we are ready to take it on. We want to become a venue that people are excited to visit. A quintessential pub in a small country town that draws friends from far and wide. We are hoping to bring back the warmth and vibrancy that once existed and create a venue that is warm, welcoming and a great place to stay. We would love to host weddings, receptions, functions, craft days, cooking classes, clubs, birthday parties, celebrations and anything else that will promote Brookton as a destination. The restoration and renovation of The Brookton will take some time and we invite you to pop in and say hello. We would love to meet you.


Our pub is called ‘The Brookton’ (her new name). She is located at the crossroads between the Great Southern and Brookton Highways. She stands as a very grand entry statement to the town of Brookton in Western Australia. The building is a testament to the diverse talent of our early settlers who built her a century ago. She is a two story Federation building with wrap around verandahs on two sides.

The Brookton retains many of her original features including numerous fireplaces, stunning pressed metal ceilings throughout the building, a beautiful jarrah staircase leading to the second floor, a massive dining room with the most magnificent pressed metal ceiling and the original ornate pine timber bar front.

Graham and I have met some amazing people since we bought the pub in April. I met Greg because I was searching for information about the pub on Google. I came across Greg’s photographs and contacted Greg to congratulate him on his photography. The images are amazing. Greg gave us permission to use his photographs on our Facebook site and promotional material for which we are truly grateful.

I also met a bespoke furniture maker (Flory) who told me about his Dad’s passion for beautiful furniture. He showed me through his workroom and talked about his Dad’s dedication to his craft. Some of the furniture items on display blew my mind. They were exquisite examples of furniture that I could only ever dream of owning. Flory also showed me a radiogram that had been beautifully restored. The radio valves were restored to fully working state and the stunning timber veneers returned to their original condition. I bought two unusual bedside cabinets from Florey.

I met a craft brewer who left his job with UWA to set up his own brewery. Mark was happy to talk about what he has learnt whilst establishing his business. He was passionate about his craft and is now producing brews that are enjoyed by everyone. Mark purchased stainless steel milk vats and converted them for his ‘brew’ and he is constantly rethinking how things can be done better. I bought a beautiful jarrah and walnut bar counter from Mark and his mate Rob.

Lastly, I also met a commercial painter who loves old buildings and is keen to freshen up our wonderful ladies ‘makeup’. Phil was selling a gorgeous old lounge suite which was perfect for the pub. I went to view the lounge suite and ended up chatting with him for ages about our plans for The Brookton. Phil was keen to see the pub and came up one Sunday with his wife and friends.

I met these talented people because I have been sourcing bargains via Gumtree. I am a true believer in buying quality at bargain basement prices and have been actively searching for bargains that will help us to restore and return her to her former glory. To be brutally honest, we cannot afford to spend 100’s of thousands of dollars. Our budget is limited, but our passion unlimited.

The unique ‘smell’ that currently greets us when we enter the building will eventually become a memory and wonderful smell of fresh paint, polished floor boards, freshly brewed coffee, good food and the magic of the building will greet us and our visitors when we enter the building.

Graham and I have experienced moments of sheer terror when we stop and think about what we have done. However, the terror dissolves when we unlock the door and walk into the hotel. We own a beautiful building that we love.

Kerry Toop & Graham Stanley

‘The Brookton ‘
Brookton – Western Australia


Hello from The Brookton!

Follow our Blog on Facebook… We have finally finished cleaning the bar lounge area after the ceiling panels were removed today. It is 9pm and I am pleasantly satisfied with our afternoons work. Read more here…

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